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Innovative Voice Solutions, LLC is a locally owned company based in Falmouth, Maine.  IVS was founded by Brian Gee, after working in the telecommunications industry for nearly a decade.  He has over 20 years of business ownership and sales experience.  Brian is heavily involved in the Falmouth, Maine community including their girl's basketball and softball teams.

Alex Jensen is our Vice President of Technology.  Alex has been in the industry for over ten years.  He is factory certified in Allworx, NEC, Vodavi, and has the experience to service nearly any brand of phone system. We provide sales, service and installation to many makes and models for phone systems. We can also source and install parts for existing systems!

Our philosophy is to analyze, present and deploy technology in a professional, honest, efficient and cost-effective manner.

In many cases we can lower phone bills enough to offset payments on a new phone system, eliminating the need for a large capital expense.

We offer free analysis of your current dial tone plans.

Having a diverse core of products allows us to bring the best available technology for YOUR business needs, not to have to push a "one-size fits all" solution for every deployment, as is common in much of the industry.

IVS works closely with many non-profit organizations to find ways to reduce costs.  We understand how important our New England non-profits are and the struggles they deal with when it comes to new technology.

While telephone systems are a main focus, the many ways and means of deploying them: premise-based, hosted, co-located, leased, owned, etc. and the services required to make them operational -phone lines, SIP trunks, internet bandwidth, network switching, routing, speed and stability, QOS & POE ability, building wiring and infrastructure are all integral in allowing voice traffic to work seamlessly, and are a main focus of what we do.

When someone picks up a telephone, they expect it to work flawlessly, every time, without exception. At IVS we believe that the key to making this happen is in the planning and details of deployment of a voice network. Each of the above elements factor into making this happen, which is why we focus on the complete voice network and all of the components that come into play, with out technical ability and that from our professional and referral partners.

IVS has teamed up with several local and national dial tone and internet service providers. We have hand-selected the companies that we partner with based on long-term customer satisfaction and their proven track records.

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